Benefits of an Electric Fireplace

I know what your thinking, this should have been the first post on this blog. We are experts in fireplaces, it’s what we are known for. So whether you are new to the market for a fireplace, or you have been doing research for the past two weeks.

It can be a focal point for any room

When you walk into a room, what usually catches your attention? T.V? Piece of Art? Would your rather not want to see a beautiful flame that not only catches your attention but sets the emotion of the room. That’s right a fireplace can be the focal point of any room, and set the mood to be comfortable and cozy or sexy and intimate. Whether it’s placed in your living area, or bedroom, a fireplace can really make your room complete. Most designers pick them as their focal point and than design the room around the fireplace.


Not just ambiance, but added warmth

Beyond the ambiance of the firebox, is the comfortable heat features. An electric fireplace wouldn’t be much without heat. The best feature of an electric fireplace is the ability to offer heat but also have the fireplace working without producing heat. Why not have a fire in the middle of summer? Electric fireplaces are a great source of supplemental heat, they can save your heating costs by helping provide heat to a rooms that your using. So by added a little warmth, really makes for a more comfortable home.

Minimal installation and maintenance

Since fireplaces come in many different styles; from mantels, media consoles and fireboxes with trims. Installation can be a breeze, just plug in and your ready to go. If you want a more customized look, you can by the firebox with a trim to install right into your walls. Further to that, maintenance is minimal; regular up keep like any other piece of furniture.

They are better for the environment

Face it, anytime you stop burning natural gases into the air the better it is for all of us. Electric fireplaces use very little electricity and do not produce harmful emissions.