With the Amana brand, reliable and long-lasting product performance is our top priority. We achieve that goal through superior craftsmanship and world-class manufacturing processes, which help ensure that Amana brand products are the best we can provide to you. To meet our high standards, our products go through our most rigorous quality assurance scrutiny.


Whether it’s adding heat to a home with a furnace or removing heat from a home with an air conditioner, Goodman is recognized as the industry’s heat transfer experts. The heart of Goodman brand furnaces is the heat exchanger. The tubular aluminized steel primary heat exchanger found in all Goodman brand furnaces is designed with wrinkle bend technology for outstanding durability and heat transfer.


When you choose KeepRite® heating and cooling equipment, it means your home comfort is backed by superior engineering and quality manufacturing so you can enjoy more important things. We design our products to give you the best in quality, energy efficiency and reliability, and each unit is 100% run tested. It’s our tradition to deliver products that exceed your expectations.


What became Rheem started in 1925 as a supplier of packaging to the petroleum industry, and is currently headquartered in the United State. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of both water heating and HVAC equipment in the North America. Rheem Company is an American held manufacturer that produces residential and commercial water  heater and well as heating and air conditioning equipment.