A Tradition of True Reliability

For nearly 100 years, we at Rinnai have been fiercely committed to delivering nothing less than our absolute best. Through teamwork, technology and innovation, we’ve become one of the world’s largest gas appliance manufacturers, specializing in high-efficiency tankless water heaters and home heating solutions. With headquarters in Japan and a network of 20 branches and 86 sales offices in 13 countries, Rinnai’s presence and influence have a global impact.

With a pioneering history of creating value-added products in step with the demands of a changing world, Rinnai employs more than 600 research and development engineers. Their talent and vision is supported by an uncompromised focus on quality in design and manufacturing. Advanced automation and precision assembly processes make Rinnai’s manufacturing facilities an industry model for efficiency, and extensive inspection and testing protocols dictate that every product undergo a series of live fire testing before being shipped.

Throughout the world, our standards for quality remain unsurpassed. All Rinnai factories are ISO 9001 and/or ISO 14001 certified. All our products have been approved by the Canada Standards Association (CSA) and adhere to the strict standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Established in 1974, our US and Canadian operations continue to expand with over 140 employees engaged in sales, marketing, customer service, application engineering, technical support and more. In 2001, we opened our Peachtree City, Georgia office. Today this facility is a state-of-the-art distribution, research and training center. In addition, Rinnai has Customer Care and Technical Support and distribution in Sparks, Nevada. What’s more, Rinnai America is one of the few tankless water heater manufacturers with its own state-of-the-art CSA Certified Testing Laboratory, including CSA accredited lab technicians.

For Rinnai, reliability isn’t just talk. It’s part of every move – and every product – we make. Always has been. Always will be.

A Track Record of Performance

From the beginning, Rinnai America has continued a tradition of creating solutions that enhance the way people live. That tradition has grown even stronger today.

Thanks to superior design and engineering, Rinnai home and water heating products continually raise the standard in comfort, convenience and reliability.  In fact, our commitment to building in quality at every level has made Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters the #1 selling tankless water heating brand in the U.S. and Canada.

Beyond manufacturing the highest quality tankless water heaters and home heating products, our people stand behind all that we make, before, during and long after installation. From 24/7/365 technical support for professionals, to our national network of independent installers for homeowners, to on-staff engineers who can assist with choosing the right products and sizes—we’re inspiring confidence right along with the comfort our solutions provide.

From products to service, our dedication to delivering our absolute best never wavers.  We’re stronger than ever, so that your confidence in choosing Rinnai can be too.

Enhancing the Comforts of Home

Rinnai home and water heating products are dedicated to a smarter kind of comfort.

With our precisely engineered tankless water heaters, you can count on Rinnai to deliver an endless supply of hot water whenever you need it – even for multiple tasks at the same time. Plus, they feature space-saving design and ultra efficient performance for monthly energy savings.  Efficiency and versatility have also made Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters a hit with commercial applications, giving restaurants, hotels, schools, multifamily residences and others the reliable performance they need to meet demands and reduce operating costs.

Our RH180 Hybrid Tank-Tankless Water Heater utilizes the same on-demand tankless technology with an efficient storage tank to deliver more hot water with less recovery time than a traditional – all in a quick and easy installation.

That same dedication to creating solutions that enhance the way people live is reflected in our home heating products.  From the efficiency of our Condensing Boilers to the big comfort, small-space warmth of our Vent-Free Fan Convectors and Energy Saver® Direct Vent Wall Furnaces, cost-effective heat is here. Whether seeking whole-house comfort, a supplemental heating solution for nearly any room, or a single, energy-efficient source for home and water heating, we’ve developed the innovative products that open up a world of pleasant possibilities.

Enduring Quality, Lasting Peace of Mind

No one can predict the future, but the past is a good gauge of things to come. Rinnai’s 100 years of superior engineering, innovation and quality inspire peace of mind that our products will stand the test of time.

As we aggressively invest in the talent and technology that sets new benchmarks in home and water heating excellence, Rinnai looks forward to continuing to exceed even the highest expectations with our absolute best.

The Rinnai Ultra Series


Delivering our most energy-efficient performance, the Ultra Series features a condensing design with two heat exchangers to maximize heating value to enhance reliability and durability and reduce maintenance. The Ultra Series also offers our most hot water capacity per BTU, with the ability to support multiple, simultaneous hot water demands and more venting solutions on the same unit.


  • Energy Factor of up to .96
  • Available in three sizes: 152,000, 180,000, and 199,000 BTU.
  • Allows for either Concentric Polypropylene or PVC/CPVC venting, providing the most venting flexibility in a single application of any manufacturer.
  • Faster hot water provided by integrated recirculation pump and internal bypass line inside the unit.
  • Easy maintenance is achieved with included isolation valves.